The Top 5 Things To Know When Getting Started With Nail Art

Things to Keep in Mind When Beginning Nail Art:- Nail art can be an exciting, expressive form of self-expression that offers endless opportunities. However, getting started can seem intimidating at first; but don’t fret! Starting nail art is actually simpler than you may think and this article provides helpful tips on how to start doing your own designs in no time at all!

Things To Know When Getting Started With Nail Art

1) Nail Art Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated.

Nail art doesn’t need to be complicated! There are so many ideas out there that make nail art look like painting; but don’t be fooled into thinking you need an advanced level of skill in order to produce beautiful designs! Instead, start simple. Once you get comfortable with those basic skills, move onto more complicated ones; so don’t feel discouraged if your first design doesn’t look exactly how you imagined; there are tons of straightforward ideas suitable for beginners out there!

Nail art doesn’t have to be complicated
Nail art doesn’t have to be complicated

2) You Don’t Need To Be An Artist To Do Nail Art.

While nail art doesn’t need to be complicated, it does require some artistic ability. Even if you don’t consider yourself creative or talented with visual arts, don’t despair; nail art is still possible! All it takes is some practice and confidence – although you might never achieve masterpiece-level masterpieces without guidance, once you understand how it all works you should be able to come up with some decent designs of your own! To further hone your craft there are countless tutorials online which can help get started if that helps get started!

3) Always Use Nail Polish Without A Drying Agent.

Beginners often make the mistake of selecting nail polish with a drying agent as their starting point when doing nail art, which is an absolute no-no. With just 30 seconds to get their design onto their nails when using drying agents, rushing always results in subpar results. By choosing polish without drying agents however, there will be ample time for their designs to take shape without feeling rushed – leading to much better final products!

Always use nail polish without a drying agent
Always use nail polish without a drying agent

4) Decide On Your Design Before You Start Painting.

Before beginning painting, it’s crucial that you choose your design beforehand. Doing this will keep you focused and will speed up the design process – no more sitting there trying to decide what you should be doing while your nail polish is on! Otherwise, this could result in mistakes and poor quality nail art designs. For beginners in nail art, starting out with basic designs like stripes or polka dots may be ideal until they feel confident moving onto more complex patterns.

Decide on your design before you start painting
Photo by davisuko on Unsplash

5) Invest In Good Quality Tools.

No matter the cost, investing in quality tools for nail art can pay dividends over time. Use only high quality nail polish remover and clippers; cheap ones might lead to jagged edges on your nails! Don’t spend an arm and a leg; buy quality items. This will keep your design looking fantastic over time!


Nail art can be an enjoyable and creative way to express yourself. Begin with the basics, practicing until you feel ready to attempt more intricate designs. Make sure you use polish without drying agents, plan your design before beginning painting, and invest in high quality tools so your nail art lasts – once you get into it, nail art will bring hours of entertainment!

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