7 Best Tips And Tricks For Applying Matte Lipstick

Tips and Tricks for Applying Matte Lipstick:- Matte lipstick has long been a rising beauty trend and appears unlikely to wane anytime soon. Here are a few tricks and tips for successfully applying matte lipstick!

Matte lipstick can be particularly troublesome for those with sensitive skin. Since it doesn’t contain any glossiness or shine, its formulation could lead to breakouts.

Not everyone reacts the same to matte lipstick, and for those that do it can leave your lips red and raw.

If you’re ready to see past the potential pitfalls of matte lipstick and learn to apply it like an expert, we have your solution: follow these 10 helpful tips when applying matte lipstick!

Tips And Tricks For Applying Matte Lipstick

1) Apply Moisturizer Before You Apply Any Lip Product.

As matte lipstick doesn’t provide your lips with enough hydration, before applying it you must first hydrate them first using shea or cocoa butter-containing lip balm or creams.

Your lips should now be nice and soft and ready to accept matte lipstick without any issues or extra considerations. If they are dry, however, additional care may be required in order for the matte color to adhere securely.

Cracked or chapped lips make applying lipstick nearly impossible without spreading it across your teeth. Applying moisturizer after applying lipstick could also help.

Your lips could look patchy if the lipstick were to rub off, so apply lip balm or chapstick before applying lipstick to protect and smooth them first.

If you apply lipstick first and try to put chapstick over it later, this can cause it to clump up unevenly and look lumpy.

Apply moisturizer before you apply any lip product
Apply moisturizer before you apply any lip product

2) Before You Apply Your Lipstick, Exfoliate Your Lips.

Before applying lipstick, exfoliate your lips. This can help make sure the pigment sticks effectively to them and keeps on the lips without bleeding under pressure.

Many people overlook this essential step in creating the ideal matte look. Exfoliating lips prior to applying lipstick helps ensure an even application and prevents uneven lips from emerging during application.

Since matte lipstick tends to dry out the skin, it is essential that you lightly exfoliate prior to applying this makeup.

Use a gentle but effective lip scrub, such as one designed by DHC Beauty Labs. If this option is unavailable to you, using a toothbrush can also suffice.

Before you apply your lipstick, exfoliate your lips
Before you apply your lipstick, exfoliate your lips

3) Use A Small Amount Of Vaseline To Make The Application Process Easier.

Start by massaging your lips for approximately 10 seconds in a circular motion before applying lip balm or cream for added softness.

Before applying any lipstick, exfoliate your lips by exfoliating with sugarcane extract. This will leave them soft and smooth for optimal lipstick application.

Use a small amount of Vaseline to make application easier.

Vaseline can make the application of lipstick much smoother. Not only is it an excellent lip softener, it can also prevent fine lines from developing when applying lipstick.

4) Don’t Forget The Liner!

If your lips tend to dry and crack easily, matte lipstick may not be the right choice for you. Instead, opt for moisturizing lip balm or stain that won’t dry them out as quickly.

Matte lipstick should be applied sparingly – applying too much could result in drying lips! If this is the case for you, try applying some Vaseline as it makes the application of matte lipstick less drying and more manageable.

Be mindful that too much vaseline on your lips could make them appear very shiny, as well as cause lipstick to slide off of them easily.

Don’t forget the liner
Don’t forget the liner

5) Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Different Shades Together.

Unless your eyeliner is specifically designed for matte lipsticks, chances are it may come off before your lipstick does and cause an unsightly and uneven finish. This could leave an unattractive and chaotic appearance on your lips.

To combat this problem, try pairing your matte lipstick with a liner designed to stay put – matte liners can be found at any makeup store, or you could always try this DIY method instead!

Make sure that when it comes time for you to outline your lips, use a pencil that’s not too soft; otherwise you could end up over-lining.

Most people are unaware that lip lining creates the appearance of fuller lips. To create this illusion, select a shade darker than your natural lip color to avoid an obvious liner line.

6) Matte Lipstick Doesn’t Have To Be Drying – Use A Gloss On Top!

Some may be reluctant to mix different shades of lipstick together for fear that it’ll look unattractive, yet mixing different hues actually looks very natural and is much more striking than anticipated.

If your lipstick shade is either too pink or too red for your skin tone, why not combine the two together to get just the shade that works for your complexion?

If you purchase two different lipstick shades and wish to mix them into the perfect shade, make sure that a clean spoon or lip brush is used so as to prevent contamination of both substances.

7) Check Out Your Options Before Buying.

If your lipstick looks too bold or unnatural, try mixing two different hues together and applying with a lip brush instead of using an actual lipstick brush – that way, less lippie will be applied at once!

Matte lipstick doesn’t need to be dry! Simply pair it with a gloss for maximum wear!

If your lips feel dry after applying matte lipstick, consider layering a clear gloss as an extra measure to relieve dryness and discomfort.

Clear gloss can help add shine and moisture without making your lips too glossy, so that you can enjoy matte lipstick’s look without suffering extreme dryness.


When applied correctly, lipstick can instantly transform your appearance – but only if you choose the appropriate shade! Matte lipstick has long been an established beauty trend.

While matte lipsticks may be popular among many people, not everyone can pull off this trend successfully. If you have sensitive skin and try wearing matte lipstick anyway, it could cause your complexion to breakout.

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