The 6 Best Podcasts To Keep You Entertained On Your Commute

Best Podcasts to Keep You Entertained : Did you know that as of September 2018, over 36 million podcast subscriptions exist worldwide? Podcasts have quickly gained in popularity due to being both an engaging way of discovering new topics and ideas as well as an easy and low-commitment way to spend your listening time – unlike radio shows or audiobooks which require keeping track of which episodes have already been consumed and which episodes still await playback.

Podcasts provide you with the freedom of listening at any time you please, without needing to set a timer or stop the recording if something arises that requires immediate attention. Commuting can be one of the best times to listen to podcasts; we have put together a list of some of the top podcasts for listening during that journey home from work – read on for more details…

Podcasts to Keep You Entertained on Your Commute

6 Best Podcasts To Listen To On Your Commute

1)Comedy: Comedy Bang! Bang!

Since 2010, Scott Aukerman has hosted Comedy Bang! Bang! as a podcast. Each week he interviews an unexpected guest ranging from celebrities, comedians and authors – making for one of the best daily commute podcasts. Each interview offers laughter and banter with guests from celebrities, comedians and authors all appearing. With multiple episodes available every week and easy listening options making this podcast one of many peoples go-to choices, Comedy Bang! Bang! is perfect if you want a podcast that caters for everyone on your commute.

Podcasts to Keep You Entertained on Your Commute
Podcasts to Keep You Entertained on Your Commute

2)Learning: TED Talks

Ted Talks The TED Talks podcast is the ideal companion on your drive home from work. Packed full of educational and inspirational topics from business and leadership to health, psychology and technology – not to mention its host, Guy Raz – you won’t want to miss it! Plus it features other great TED speakers too like Jon Stewart.

If you want to expand on the subjects that interest you but don’t have enough time for individual research, TED Talks podcast is an ideal way to do it while on the move. Learn something new while driving home from work, exercising at the gym, or performing household tasks!

3)Entertainment: Mystery Show And Welcome To Night Vale

Both of these podcasts provide both entertainment and information. Mystery Show is hosted by Starlee Kine who offers humorous investigative tales in her series called Investigate It All!

Welcome to Night Vale is an audio fiction podcast that is both captivating and disturbing, depending on each episode.

These two podcasts are great choices to keep you occupied on your commute because they’re both highly engaging – you won’t easily become disinterested with their stories! From your commute home from work or a road trip, these two episodes provide great options.

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4)Variety: Serial And This American Life

Serial is an investigative podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig that follows one case throughout an entire season – in this instance the 1999 murder of a Maryland high school student.

This American Life is an award-winning radio program that has been on air since 1995. Each episode offers a different narrative with multiple segments interspersed throughout.

These podcasts make an excellent choice for your daily commute as they will keep things engaging while helping pass the time.

5)Thriving Communities: Podcasting

Jeff DeSocio hosts this podcast for those interested in beginning a podcast. DeSocio interviews podcast hosts, journalists and others involved with podcasting community.

If you love podcasts, this podcast should not be missed. Furthermore, if you are considering starting one yourself, this will give an excellent understanding of what makes for a successful show.

If you’re curious about podcasting, this podcast will give an excellent glimpse of what the community looks like. From providing information or simply being curious, this is an engaging listen while driving.

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Bottom line

Podcasts can be an excellent way to pass time while driving home from work or taking other commutes. No matter your taste – funny, informative or both! – there’s bound to be an entertaining podcast out there for you.

If you’re new to podcasts or want to explore some different ones, these six are great places to begin listening and finding out which are worth your while. Before long, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them!