Top 5 Best Entertaining American TV Shows That Will Keep You Hooked!

Present-day society bears an abundance of distractions, one being watching television programs. Despite its widespread popularity and personal value placed upon it by many individuals, discovering exceptional American TV shows can be mired in difficulty due to various disappointments that may arise; nonetheless, there are numerous premium options obtainable at the present time!

There are certain TV shows that stand out as being much more than ordinary, providing memorable moments from episode to episode. A great TV show should keep viewers coming back for more without becoming tedious to watch after watching one episode; our list below of five great American television series that will keep them hooked:

Entertaining American TV Shows
Entertaining American TV Shows

Best Entertaining American TV Shows


Regarded as one of the most exceptional comedic productions in entertainment history, Friends unsurprisingly sits atop our catalog for American television shows. Our planet would certainly be a less stimulating place without this ingenious program; it adds such immense value to our surroundings! One remarkable aspect is how every persona on the show possesses an incredibly intricate personality rendering them all worthy recipients of empathy from viewers like yourself.

The TV show, Friends, is an enduring classic that has undergone numerous broadcasts. You may have even grown weary of its mention! Yet whenever you choose to revisit it, the program never ages; regardless of how many times viewed, all instances still instigate mirth and pleasure- comparable only with initial airings for enjoyment!

2)The Big Bang Theory

For a multitude of years, The Big Bang Theory has gained admiration as one among the most cherished scientific displays ever manufactured. In addition to being an inviting spectacle, it is concurrently informative- its merger of mirthful inclinations and educational subject matter contribute significantly towards garnering immense popularity amongst youthful spectators. Additionally, this series centered around a group comprising intellectually gifted individuals endeavoring to manage their interactions with society seamlessly exhibits an intriguing premise indeed.

Sheldon, Leonard, Rajesh, Howard and Penny make up their group. Sheldon is a theoretical physicist with various theories about life; Leonard works at a university but wants to become a research scientist; Rajesh likes plants while Howard builds things. Penny acts as their friend.

Entertaining American TV Shows
Entertaining American TV Shows

3)Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ever since the release of Iron Man in 2008, Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has grown enormously popular. Within MCU lies a widely loved science fiction show called Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D that originated after its debut and also witnessed massive success over time. At first, this TV series concentrated on common individuals who uncovered their exceptional powers then went ahead to become defenders for safeguarding our world before altering its primary subject progressively later on. In more than seven seasons, there have been major cast shake-ups as well as changes made to the storyline throughout which allowed for multiple shifts in focus too.

At various points throughout its run, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D has focused on various groups and individuals within S.H.I.E.L.D’s activities and the people within that agency. At its heart, however, this show remains a detective story.


Sherlock is one of the best crime shows available. It follows the adventures of genius detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. John Watson as they investigate crimes together to solve them, with help from Watson as an actual doctor! Filled with action and drama – as well as comedic moments! it stands as one of the greatest American TV Shows.

Most of the characters in the show are loosely based on those from the books; Sherlock is a brilliant but arrogant individual who excels at solving crimes while Dr. Watson, an ex-military doctor recently back from Afghanistan, becomes Sherlock’s assistant due to being unemployed and finding himself no other employment opportunities. The show airs internationally including both Britain and United States.

Entertaining American TV Shows
Entertaining American TV Shows

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Empire is a drama series about an entertainment and music company and their employees, like an intriguing soap opera with many characters and distinct storylines that keep audiences guessing as to what might happen next. You will never want to leave this one!

Empire follows the lives of people employed at Empire Entertainment, a thriving music and entertainment company, who are affected by family feuding that threatens to fracture it. Packed with drama and music, Empire features an intricate cast with their own individual stories – keeping viewers on their toes as they anticipate what will come next – it truly makes for one of America’s best TV Shows!

Entertaining American TV Shows
Entertaining American TV Shows

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These are the top 5 best American TV Shows that will keep you hooked. If you are searching for new shows to add to your viewing list, any of these would make an excellent selection. They are all highly-acclaimed shows with huge fan bases; engaging and well-written scripts ensure you won’t want to stop watching once you start! Now that you know which shows to watch, all it takes is finding time for relaxation and enjoyment of these excellent American shows – you won’t regret it.