5 Best Tips To Keep Your Nails Strong

Tips to Keep Your Nails Strong:- Keeping your nails in good health goes beyond simply painting them; building strong nails is the best way to protect them against breaking and splitting.

Maintaining strong nails reduces the risk of further complications like fungus and infection, and can prevent stress or artificially curved nails that are prone to breaking off at vulnerable points.

Nails, like other parts of your body, consist of many layers. Though you might not see these structures directly, they play a critical role in how your nails appear and their ability to withstand everyday life.

Understanding what each layer does will provide us with more insight into how we can keep our nails strong for longer.

Tips To Keep Your Nails Strong

1) Do Not Rip Or Pinch Your Nails

Reasons exist to discourage you from ripping or pinching your nails, including possible tears in the nail that result in horizontal ridges or grooves on its plate.

Pinch your nails gently; pinching your nails can result in vertical nail ridges and may indicate more serious conditions like psoriasis.

Doing these practices may also indicate your nails are unhealthy; even if there are no immediate issues, it is still wise to refrain from engaging in such practices in order to reduce future concerns.

At home, it’s also important to make sure that you do not pull on your cuticles. They act as protective barriers above the nail bed that should be left alone.

Pulling cuticles too frequently will cause nails to become weak and more likely to break.

Do Not Rip or Pinch Your Nails
Do Not Rip or Pinch Your Nails

2) Use A Strengthening Base Coat And Top Coat

If you want your nails to remain strong and grow at an optimal rate, base and top coat products could be just what’s needed. They’re often found in salons.

Base coats should be used prior to painting your nails with nail polish, while top coats serve to seal it all in.

Protect your nails by creating a barrier between them and their polish, thus helping keep them strong and healthier while also helping prevent chipped nail colors from quickly dissolving.

Base coats tend to be thicker than regular nail polish and come in various formulas depending on your individual needs.

Some base coats may help prevent staining on your nails while others utilize vitamin E and calcium to strengthen them.

Top coats also can help your nails to remain healthy by sealing in moisture to prevent their drying out and flaking off.

3) Keep Your Nails Dry

One of the key ways to ensure strong nails is keeping them hydrated and free from polish build-up is keeping them dry by not constantly wetting them with water or remover. Wetness weakens nails over time.

As your nails age, they find it increasingly difficult to retain moisture, leading to dry and brittle nails that are susceptible to crumbling. For optimal results, ensure that you dry your nails thoroughly after each washing session and take steps as soon as chipped nail polish starts appearing to remove it quickly.

Try soaking your nails in water to hydrate them, and massaging your nails to help preserve moisture. Both methods should help retain hydration levels within your nails.

Rub your nails for 30 seconds daily in a downward motion for optimal nail hydration and strength, using cuticle oil if possible to add additional hydration.

Always apply oil on clean nails; otherwise it could trap bacteria and cause additional damage if not applied correctly.

Keep Your Nails Dry
Keep Your Nails Dry

4) Try Nail Wraps Or Nail Tapes

Nail wraps can help strengthen and protect the nails in many ways. They consist of pre-cut pieces of fabric which are attached directly onto each nail before being secured with top coat.

They can be especially useful for people trying to grow longer nails that tend to break easily, or those already suffering from weak or damaged ones; the quick application makes this solution ideal. They even prevent nails from breaking during growth!

Nail tapes may also be worth considering; they adhere directly to your nails in much the same way as traditional tape, while providing less bulkiness than nail wraps and quicker application times.

Though nail tapes can help strengthen nails, it’s essential that they be removed correctly in order for the tape to do its job effectively. One method for doing so involves soaking nails for approximately 60 seconds in warm water to soften and make them more flexible before peeling away the tape.

Try Nail Wraps or Nail Tapes
Photo by davisuko on Unsplash

5) Use A Vitamin Supplement

Diet is key in maintaining strong and healthy nails. Additionally, vitamins can strengthen them even further.

Vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and biotin supplements may help improve nail health.

As part of your diet to promote strong nails, add foods like eggs, fish, beans, and almonds such as eggs. Good habits will go far in keeping nails healthy and strong.

An effective strategy for keeping nails healthy is eating a balanced diet and staying hydrated, both of which will contribute to maintaining their wellbeing.


Maintaining healthy nails should be part of your daily routine, whether that means keeping them dry and wearing gloves when washing dishes or simply making sure that you wear your nail clippers when needed.

Add biotin or take vitamin supplements for healthy nails.

Be careful to avoid ripping or pinching your nails, and always paint them with a strengthening base and top coat to maintain healthy, strong nails.

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