7 Things To Learn Of Highly Effective People

Stephen Covey’s classic and timeless book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has long been an inspirational source. This timeless work provides a framework for becoming an effective and successful individual by showing readers how to prioritize tasks, focus on what’s essential and act with integrity. Covey provides practical ways that help readers develop habits that help reach their goals including developing a sense of purpose, creating plans of action and taking steps toward fulfilling your ambitions.

He stresses the significance of being proactive and making the most out of any given situation, making The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People an indispensable guide for anyone hoping to maximize their full potential and make positive contributions in life.

Habits Of Highly Effective People

1) Be Proactive

Highly effective people possess the trait of being proactive as one of their core habits. Being proactive means taking an initiative, making a decision to act, and taking ownership over your life. Being proactive involves being accountable for yourself and taking steps towards realizing your goals and dreams by setting goals, setting plans, and fulfilling these ambitions with intentional action.

Be Proactive

Being proactive doesn’t just involve setting goals; it also involves considering your long-term aspirations and asking yourself questions such as, “Who do I want to be with and where do I want to live.” Being proactive requires reflecting upon both your strengths and weaknesses before finding an environment which supports their development.

2) Begin With The End In Mind

Highly effective people often begin with an end in mind. This means starting from your goal or endpoint and working backwards towards finding an efficient path that leads to it. This practice helps people focus on what they hope to achieve and be remembered for in life – so start thinking of ways you want your memory to live on in this manner!

Begin With the End in Mind

Consider what it is you hope to achieve and what’s most important to you, then reflect on your strengths and weaknesses as well as where you want to go in the future. Find a path and the actions which will bring about your goal/end result with greater ease – by doing this you will become more effective by understanding exactly what it is you wish to accomplish.

3) Put First Things First

Highly effective people make the habit of prioritizing what matters first in their lives, by setting priorities, prioritizing tasks crucial to meeting goals, and setting aside time to address what’s truly important to them. Setting your priorities early allows you to set your priorities more easily. Focusing on tasks essential for reaching goals means saying no to commitments that don’t fit with them or don’t help achieve goals is also critical to being more productive overall – make this your mantra and set first things first today! So put first things first by setting priorities today and making time available for what matters most in your life! To be highly effective put first things first by setting your priorities today and prioritising!

Put First Things First

Put First Things First Set goals and devise plans to meet them, prioritizing tasks essential for reaching those goals, and turning down commitments or tasks that don’t advance your goals. While you will always have tasks to complete, focus on those which are most essential and critical towards realizing your objectives first.

4) Think Win-Win

Highly effective people possess a key habit: the ability to think win-win. This involves seeking solutions that benefit all parties involved and striving to create an equitable situation for everyone involved in any situation. Thinking win-win helps people collaborate more easily with one another and find common ground when finding solutions which benefit everyone involved – which makes for easier teamwork when finding win-win solutions is the goal! It also increases effectiveness as it simplifies working with people as solutions are easily identified that are mutually beneficial.

Think Win-Win

Aim to find solutions that benefit all parties involved in an issue or situation. Consider what you can do to assist others or enhance the collaboration process; give generously of your time, knowledge, and skills when possible and look for situations in which everyone gains from your assistance.

5) Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood

Highly effective people make an effort to understand others before explaining themselves or trying to persuade others of their ideas or views. This habit helps people work effectively together and make better decisions together.

Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood

At first, seek to understand before being understood. Take the time to listen carefully to others and try to comprehend their thoughts, feelings, and views before making judgments based on just “I” statements or making statements with “you” phrases to help others comprehend your ideas and explain yours using “I” statements when necessary. Once that understanding has taken place, try using “you” statements when communicating your ideas – these may help others better comprehend your concepts.

6) Synergize

Highly effective people often practice “synergize”. This term refers to “bringing together individuals, ideas or concepts in order to form new and useful combinations”. Synergizing allows highly effective people to collaborate more efficiently with one another while coming up with innovative solutions or ideas which no single person could come up with alone. This habit is crucial as it facilitates working effectively with others as well as finding solutions or ideas which no one individual could come up with alone.


Synergize Combine people, ideas and concepts to form new combinations that may prove fruitful and productive. Consider ways that you can work more effectively with others by offering different perspectives to the situation at hand. Look out for opportunities to learn from others while working toward making combinations more useful than the original ideas and concepts ever were alone.

7) Sharpen The Saw

Highly effective people possess another key habit for success – taking time each week to relax, renew and rejuvenate themselves – including attending to their health, personal development and relationships with loved ones. This habit will enable them to be more productive, creative and effective at work and life overall.

Habits Of Highly Effective People
Sharpen the Saw image credit

Sharpen the saw and take time out each week for yourself – to relax, rejuvenate, and restore. Give yourself a break from work, put down devices, and reconnect with loved ones – everything will benefit.

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Stephen Covey’s classic and timeless book on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has inspired readers for decades. This book provides a framework for becoming an effective and successful person by showing how to focus on what matters, prioritize tasks, and act in accordance with integrity. Habits That Help Achieve Goals in LifeThis course helps participants build habits to help reach their life goals more quickly, such as cultivating a sense of purpose, planning an actionable strategy and taking proactive measures in any situation. No matter where you are on your journey to success or looking to upgrade your abilities, this book will inspire you to reach your full potential and make a positive difference in life. A must-read for anyone striving to attain lasting success!