6 Ways You Can Spend Quality Time With Your Family This Thanksgiving

Spend Quality Time With Your Family : With so much going on during the holiday season, it can be easy to lose sight of why we celebrate in the first place: family love and support. Everyone seems so busy running from one event to the next – school activities, sports practices, extra curricular and homework taking up all available time so it seems there’s little left for just spending quality time together as a family unit.

As busy life can be, spending quality time with those you cherish can’t be put a price on. Even though you might not have time to dedicate an entire day this Thursday for them alone, there will still be ample chances for you to connect over the coming weeks and beyond. Here are six great strategies for spending quality time with family this Thanksgiving — and beyond!

Spend Quality Time With Your Family
Spend Quality Time With Your Family

1) Plan A Family Game Night

How about dedicating an entire evening to games? Even if your family doesn’t play much board gaming, you can still create a fun night of game playing by searching online (or your closets) for old favorites, such as card games, puzzles and toys – or consider an indoor scavenger hunt if younger members of your household need an excuse to be more actively engaged!

Make the game as difficult or simple as you like! Make sure to include plenty of silly items, like pictures of family members, miniature brooms or miniature teacups; or focus on family bonds by creating a scavenger hunt with each item representing something your family enjoys such as photos of members of the family, clothing items or books read aloud!

Spend Quality Time With Your Family
Spend Quality Time With Your Family

2) Take A Walk And Bond Over Exercise

Sometimes the best way to connect with family is getting moving together. Exercise provides many ways to do just this and can bring everyone closer together – especially younger kids! Tag and hopscotch games or simply taking a walk through your neighborhood or nearby park may work wonders for family bonding time!

For families with teenagers and preteens, exercising together can be both fun and healthy! Sports such as basketball, soccer or tennis may be enjoyable options to try; or add something different like rock climbing, yoga or paddle boarding into the mix for added excitement! Not only will you bond over exercise together as a family unit; you’ll also be supporting their wellbeing by developing healthy lifestyle habits together.

Spend Quality Time With Your Family
Spend Quality Time With Your Family

3) Create A Family Dinner Together

Some may assume that family meal time includes creating meals together as part of its usual routine, yet many families simply order takeout each night for dinner. If you want to create more opportunities for family bonding, try cooking more meals together; even something as basic as pancake making on Saturday morning is enough!

If your family includes younger kids, keep things straightforward: make scrambled eggs. Or if you have more time and creativity on your hands, try your hand at pancakes. With teens and preteens present in your household, get creative by trying tacos, stir fry or pizza; challenge teens and preteens to experiment with new dishes as well.

You Can Spend Quality Time With Your Family
You Can Spend Quality Time With Your Family

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4) Commit To Shared Hobbies As A Family

The holidays provide the ideal opportunity to embark on a shared hobby as a family. Be it something new you’ve been meaning to try or something you’ve put off until now, now is an excellent opportunity for all ages to bond over a shared interest. Scavenger hunts can be both indoors or outdoors and great bonding experiences! If looking for inspiration here’s some inspiration;

Start team-building games such as trivia, riddles and word searches; or commit to long-term activities such as photography, painting, gardening or woodworking that will leave lasting memories behind.

5) Host A Game Night For Friends And Family

Instead of inviting just friends over for a game night, why not include everyone in the family as well? Creating a memorable evening by planning a theme evening could create even more fond memories – indoors if there is space and outdoors when weather permits! You could make the event even more special by hosting it during two special times during the year!

Host a Halloween game night in October or a Christmas game night between November and December. Or choose a theme based on special holidays such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, or Easter; sports, superheroes or baking could even make for great themes!

6) Try Something You’ve Always Wanted To Do Together

Are there certain things on your bucket list, but haven’t had time to do them? Now is the perfect opportunity to make them happen – skydiving, cooking classes or simply spending a day at the beach are just a few examples that could create memories that last a lifetime!

If you’re feeling lost when it comes to finding things to do on vacation, here are a few ideas: Visit an historic site or museum; locate an event or festival that resonates with you; choose an activity such as indoor rock climbing, paintballing or cooking classes; try something truly exceptional such as yoga retreats or tea meditation retreats; even escape rooms may provide unique options!

You Can Spend Quality Time With Your Family
You Can Spend Quality Time With Your Family

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End On A Positive Note

Make your holidays positive: conclude on a positive note Holidays are a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with family members, but it’s essential that the celebration ends on a positive note. Try not to engage in arguments over contentious subjects. Instead, focus on positive memories shared among family and enjoy quality time spent together.