10 Must-See Destinations In Australia’s River City

Brisbane, known as Australia’s River City, should be included on any traveller’s itinerary to Australia. With its warm climate, stunning beaches and bustling cultural scene, Brisbane provides a wonderful blend of urban sophistication and natural splendor.

No matter your interest – historic architecture, theater performances or simply relaxing on one of its beaches – Brisbane offers something for everyone!

Brisbane is one of Australia’s premier tourist spots, boasting plenty to see and do for visitors of all kinds. Be sure to add it to your itinerary if traveling Down Under; don’t leave Brisbane out!

Melbourne, the Australian capital, boasts an incredible waterfront precinct and two incredible national parks that make for an amazing urban experience. Be it culinary treats, cultural attractions or simply admiring Sydney Harbour from up close; Melbourne will not disappoint.

This 243 km coastline features stunning beaches, charming towns and dense forests; no wonder it’s one of Australia’s top travel destinations!

1) The Great Barrier Reef

Australia's River City
The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef No matter your experience level or interest in underwater exploration, the Great Barrier Reef offers something special. Explore it through snorkeling, scuba diving or sailing for a day trip, or take on an adventurous expedition by kayaking among some of its breathtaking islands.

The Reef provides sanctuary to many unique marine animals such as whales, dolphins and turtles; making it one of Australia’s premier tourist spots.

The Great Barrier Reef’s intricate structure is one of nature’s greatest marvels, stretching for over 2,600km and hosting over 1,500 species of fish, 215 bird species, 30 whale species and an array of coral.

2) The Pinnacles

 The Pinnacles
The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles is a breathtaking landscape composed of thousands of limestone pillars spread out across shifting golden sands in Nambung National Park near Cervantes in Western Australia.

Wind, rain, sun and time over many millennia have combined to form these beautiful formations over thousands of years from lime-rich sand blown in from seashells and deposited onto sand dunes; eventually these dunes began eroding, allowing more lime to seep into the soil, creating these unique stone mounds.

The Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia is an iconic natural phenomenon and should be explored throughout its year-round. However, spring is the best time for viewing as wildflowers begin blooming there.

3) Kangaroo Island

 Kangaroo Island
Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is the ideal spot for nature enthusiasts, beachcombers, and adventurers, offering hiking, cycling, snorkelling, wine tasting and wildlife viewing among other activities.

Australia is famed for its beautiful beaches, as well as stunning national parks such as Flinders Chase National Park that make this region so beautiful.

Kangaroo Island can be reached from Adelaide either by flying directly, or driving 1.5 hours to Cape Jervis and taking the ferry across. Flying is generally faster, so consider it if time is limited on your itinerary.

Kangaroo Island offers many interesting sights and activities, with national parks such as Seal Bay, Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch being its major draws. Other notable locations on the Island include Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Oil Distillery and Cape Willoughby Lighthouse as must-see spots.

4) The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains
The Blue Mountains

One of Australia’s premier destinations, the Blue Mountains is a UNESCO World Heritage site boasting dramatic sandstone cliffs and dense eucalyptus forests – ideal for rock climbing, abseiling, canyoning and mountain biking adventures!

Nature is the centerpiece of this region’s appeal, offering visitors walking tracks around mountains and scenic lookouts with expansive views over rugged landscape.

Reaching the Blue Mountains from Sydney is straightforward via M4 motorway; driving time should take around 90 minutes. In addition to these train stations, Blackheath, Glenbrook and Katoomba offer direct train connections as well.

5) The Outback

 The Outback
The Outback

The Australian Outback is an expansive landscape of rugged mountains, sandstone gorges, ancient forests and breathtaking water scenery that remains one of the world’s most captivating, unexplored environments.

Uluru is an iconic red monolith, depicted on postcards and travel brochures for years. Additionally, the site provides excellent opportunities for stargazing with up to 5,000 stars visible at nightfall!

The Outback provides shelter to a diverse collection of animals, such as red kangaroos and dingoes, both well-adapted to life in its extreme heat. You’ll likely spot these furry creatures hiding amongst the shrubbery to stay cool during their hot afternoon days.

6) Surfers Point

Surfers Point
Surfers Point

Surfers Point in Australia is widely considered one of the top surf spots, boasting epic barrels and long-distance swells year round.

While both Queensland and New South Wales coasts boast great surf spots, the Gold Coast stands out as an exceptional beach break destination. Famous surf destinations like Kirra and Burleigh Heads have hosted many annual surfing competitions over time.

Byron Bay is another premier surf destination, drawing surfers from all around the globe. Offering ideal year-round conditions and stunning natural surroundings, along with numerous point breaks that are fun to paddle out at, this coastal town draws surfers of all types to visit this coastal gem.

7) Margaret River

 Margaret River
Margaret River

Margaret River is one of nature’s finest examples – featuring jaw-dropping limestone cave networks, top wineries, stunning beaches and thrilling experiences that make it one of Australia’s must-visit tourist spots.

Australia is home to stunning coastlines featuring surf breaks and limestone cliffs that seem out of this world; premium wineries abound throughout its interior; not forgetting otherworldly landscapes and special landmarks that give visitors an immersive Aussie outdoor experience.

As well as offering world-class wines, the region also features several family-oriented activities worth experiencing! Take your children to the Fudge Factory or visit Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse for an informative tour – there is something here for everyone.

8) Mount Buller

 Mount Buller
Mount Buller

Mount Buller is a must-see on any trip to Victoria, with snow-covered mountains, a resort village, and the National Alpine Museum of Australia all packed into one convenient package. Offering plenty of exciting activities from skiing and mountain biking to horseback riding and even snowboarding – Mount Buller promises something for all visitors.

Skiers and snowboarders can hit the slopes year-round, with an array of runs catering to riders of all skill levels. Terrain parks cater to more advanced riders while the summit area boasts several jumps and features to test their mettle.

For something different, there are also snow tubing and sled dog tours available; as well as a spa retreat where you can unwind after a day spent playing in the snow!

9) The Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley
The Yarra Valley

Only an hour’s drive from Melbourne, the Yarra Valley offers an alluring getaway for wine enthusiasts, foodies and tourists. Discover historic wineries and restaurants, hike through towering forests to misty waterfalls or gain inspiration at local galleries, nature parks or ornamental gardens.

Yarra Valley wines represent an impressive spectrum of flavours, reflecting its diverse soil type and elevation variations. Boasting long winter-spring periods and moderate summers, its ancient, nutrient-rich soils produce grapes with exquisitely complex flavour profiles.

The Yarra Valley is an absolute dream for wine enthusiasts. Experience its unparalleled charm through a sampling of boutique vineyards offering everything from chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, shiraz or pinot noir varieties – you won’t be disappointed!

10) St. Kilda Beach

St Kilda Beach is Melbourne’s busiest waterfront precinct, bustling with activity. Locals refer to St. Kilda as “Melbourne’s Best Playground by the Sea”. Here you’ll always find something happening, with walkers, joggers, rollerbladers and kite surfers enjoying both foreshore and waters alike.

St Kilda Pier is an idyllic spot to stroll, fish, roller-skate or enjoy panoramic city skyline views. At sunset, walk towards its end to catch sight of little penguins scurrying about on their nests beneath its breakwater.

On Sundays, The Esplanade Market offers visitors an abundance of gifts, local art pieces and trinkets. Not to be missed is The Palais Concert Theatre which hosts some of Australia’s best musical acts.


Australia’s River City, or Brisbane, offers visitors a vibrant and exciting destination full of must-see attractions. One such must-see spot is South Bank with its artificial beach, lush parklands and breathtaking river views.

Visitors to Queensland can explore the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art to view an impressive collection of contemporary and traditional artwork, while another must-visit destination is Brisbane Botanic Gardens where they can stroll 52 hectares of gorgeously landscaped gardens while taking in breathtaking city views.

Additionally, Story Bridge Adventure Climb offers adventure seekers an exhilarating ride up one of Brisbane’s iconic landmarks. To summarize, Brisbane is full of exciting destinations that should not be missed when visiting.

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