A Guide To 5 Natural, Cruelty-free, Vegan Makeup Products For Your Everyday Beauty Routine

Cruelty-Free:- Feeling beautiful is key to living an enjoyable life, and no one is born naturally beautiful; beauty must be earned over time with hard work, patience, and discipline.

Beautifying your face shouldn’t just involve applying cosmetics; rather, the quality of these products plays an integral part. Are they synthetic or contain animal-derived ingredients?

Rather, choose natural alternatives instead. Is your makeup brand cruelty-free or does it test products on animals?

If not, let us be your guide. With these helpful pointers we’ll show you all of the beauty routine options available to you for everyday beauty routines.


What Is Natural Makeup?

Natural makeup refers to cosmetics made solely from all-natural ingredients.

This means no animal testing, synthetic ingredients or artificial fragrances were used during the process of creating makeup itself.

Natural makeup products provide an ideal alternative for consumers who wish to forgoing animal-derived ingredients and synthetic chemicals typically found in conventional makeup.

Are You Switching From Conventional Makeup to Natural Makeup or Vegan and Need an Inclusive Alternative? This Alternative could Be Perfect

Natural makeup brands typically forgo synthetic dyes and are frequently certified cruelty-free by organizations like PETA.

Natural makeup stands out as an affordable alternative, without an increase in price point compared to conventional options.

Many brands that use only natural ingredients have similar prices as conventional makeup; the only difference being you are receiving a different formula with equally effective ingredients.

1) Cruelty-Free Makeup Products

Animal testing is rarely an enjoyable process and we believe its archaic ritualism to be unnecessary in today’s 21st-century society.

Many brands have seen the importance of eliminating ingredients or practices which harm animals.

As a result, more cosmetics companies are now labeled cruelty-free. What exactly does that entail?

Cruelty-free products are defined as products which do not involve animal testing; this means no animals were used in their creation either. Furthermore, this ensures the ingredients used do not come from sources derived from animals either – in essence creating products which don’t harm any creatures in any way!

When purchasing products labeled “cruelty-free”, it gives you peace of mind knowing that no innocent animal was hurt in its creation.

Cruelty-free makeup products
Cruelty-free makeup products

2) Vegan Makeup Products

Vegan makeup products are exactly as you might imagine them to be: products made of vegan materials while remaining cruelty-free.

This means that none of the ingredients used to formulate makeup come from animals and no animals are harmed in making these cosmetics.

Vegan makeup offers an ideal solution for those with sensitivities to certain ingredients.

Not all makeup products can be considered vegan as some contain ingredients derived from animals, like beeswax, carmine, or eggs.

How can you tell whether the product you want to buy is vegan? One way is to check its ingredients list; any non-vegan materials will indicate whether or not the item meets this criterion. If it includes ingredients derived from animals, such as honey or honey derivatives, then it is not vegan-friendly.

3) Natural Eyeliners And Mascara

Homemade natural eyeliners and mascara can be made using ingredients like chia seeds and castor oil.

These ingredients contain high-grade properties that make them effective at thickening eyelashes and producing natural eyeliners.

Mascara is one of the most widely-used products to enhance eyelashes, yet commercial mascaras contain chemicals which damage and cause irritation to lashes.

To avoid this issue, you can create natural mascara using ingredients like aloe vera or henna at home. Additionally, cocoa powder or coffee powder can be used as natural eyeliners and kajal can create an intense black line on your eyes for eyeliners and mascara alike.

Natural eyeliners and mascara
Natural eyeliners and mascara

4) Natural Lip Glosses

Natural lip glosses can add a vibrant splash of colour to your lips. DIY versions can easily be created at home using ingredients like carob powder, cocoa powder or rose petals – you just have to be creative!

Combine these ingredients with water or honey to form a thick paste and apply to lips for a shimmering effect. For optimal results, use natural lip glosses both day and night for the best results.

5) Natural Face Masks

At home, you can make natural face masks with ingredients such as turmeric and sandalwood for optimal results.

Add honey to these ingredients for an effective facial mask that you can then apply directly onto your face.

You can make face masks using ingredients like orange and lemon peels. Once complete, simply rinse away with warm water to dispose of any leftover product.


Companies offering natural and vegan makeup are plentiful – from affordable drugstore brands such as e.l.f. Cosmetics to luxurious beauty houses like Tarte Cosmetics and Charlotte Tilbury.

No matter your budget and needs, cruelty-free and vegan makeup products are available that meet both requirements. Natural makeup doesn’t just appeal to vegans or those living with allergies.

Switch out conventional makeup for natural and vegan alternatives today for a healthier, more natural beauty routine!

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