The Top 5 Nail Colors Must to Try

Nail Colors to Try: Chocolate We all love chocolate – especially when it comes to nail art! Who could resist its tempting appeal of rich, delectable cocoa-based tones?

Chocolate-inspired nail colors don’t just belong in Halloween-inspired palettes; there is an array of tasty hues available year-round to fit every season and occasion.

From dark browns to lighter caramel, beige, and mint green; our list of the top ten chocolate nail colors should provide something for everyone this season… So take a look! Here is our selection of the 10 chocolate nail colors sure to inspire.

Nail Colors Must To Try

1) Beige And Taupe Nail Colors

Beige nail color is an increasingly fashionable trend that features less saturated, darker tones than its white crayon equivalent. Perfect for those who wish to experiment with darker tones on their nails.

Taupe can also provide an intermediate shade between beige and darker tones – an excellent compromise when trying on new colors!

Beige brown nail colors offer the ideal compromise between beige and brown tones, featuring more of a reddish tint than beige hues. Ideal for anyone experimenting with darker nail hues.

Beige and taupe nails feature lighter and less prominent brown tones for those not quite ready to commit to more saturated hues.

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Beige and Taupe Nail Colors
Beige and Taupe Nail Colors

2) Brown Nail Colors

Brown is one of the most beloved nail colors, both hands and feet alike. If you want something darker with warmer tones, then this may be just what you’ve been searching for!

Brown is an extremely adaptable color that complements most skin tones and pairs well with various hues.

Orange and gold hues also work beautifully when pairing it with this color during fall and winter seasons.

 Brown Nail Colors
Brown Nail Colors

3) Caramel Nail Colors

Caramel Nail Colors Caramel nail colours provide a warm and decadent finish, suitable for year-round wear.

No matter if you are seeking something bold and daring or looking to add a special touch, this bright and sweet hue is the perfect pick!

Caramel is an exceptionally vibrant and rich hue, which is versatile enough to be worn year-round, though more likely seen during fall/winter seasons.

Caramel can easily fit in with spring and summer trends alike, looking great on every skin tone and can even be worn on both hands and feet!

4) Dark Chocolate Nail Colors

Dark chocolate is an increasingly trendy and daring nail color, ideal for those seeking an eye-catching yet timeless manicure. This lush hue makes a statement while remaining classy at the same time.

Dark chocolate suits both warm and cool skin tones equally well, making it perfect for year-round wear. It pairs beautifully with fall/winter trends like oranges, yellows and reds; yet can easily pair up with summer looks such as blue or teal for an eye-catching ensemble.

Dark chocolate is an eye-catching and daring nail trend, perfect for those seeking a bold and daring aesthetic.

5) Mint Chocolate Nail Colors

Mint chocolate nail color is an eye-catching and charming trend, perfect for both hands and feet. This vibrant hue provides a unique, fun style. Mint chocolate is also ideal for those who seek less saturated and whimsical trends in nail fashion.

Mint chocolate is an eye-catching and vibrant nail colour that pairs beautifully with both warm and cool skin tones. Ideal for spring and summertime wear, mint chocolate makes an eye-catching statement against pastel colours like pinks and yellows – an easy combination.

Mint chocolate nail color can be quite vibrant, yet can easily be toned down with lighter touches of colour applied over its surface.

This trend is perfect for those seeking something bolder and more vibrant but who aren’t quite ready to commit to darker shades like dark chocolate.

Mint Chocolate Nail Colors
Photo by davisuko on Unsplash


Chocolate nail colors have long been a coveted trend and this year they remain the hottest trend. Extremely versatile, chocolate colors can fit the needs of almost anyone who wears nails!

No matter your desired tone, there is a chocolate-inspired nail colour suitable for everyone. From light and less-saturated shades to bolder and bolder hues; chocolate is sure to deliver!

From beige and taupe to dark chocolate and mint chocolate; these rich and delectable shades will surely tantalize your palate.

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