My Nail Care Routine: 5 Steps to Make Your Nails Look Gorgeous

Nail Care Routine:- Nothing makes an immediate statement like stunning nails can do. And unlike celebrities, having stunning-looking nails doesn’t require being famous to achieve that result!

Just put forth some effort and time. No matter whether your nails are short, long, ugly or pretty, with the appropriate nail care routine in place they can all benefit.

Make reaching your nail goals easier with a nail care routine! A routine is simply a set of steps that keeps nails healthy and looking their best.

Let us take a look at our blog post entitled, ‘My Nail Care Routine: 7 Steps to Make Your Nails Look Gorgeous, so that we can all make this an effective habit together.

Nail Care Routine

Nail Care Routine For Strong And Healthy Nails

Your nails are composed of keratin protein – just like your hair and skin! Like these other organs, nails will thicken with proper care to produce thicker and longer nails.

In order to maintain strong and healthy nails, it is suggested that you follow an at-home nail care routine at least once each week.

Step one is removing any polish that has already been applied and step seven involves cutting and filing your nails to give them their ideal shape.

Step two is to moisturize and hydrate your nails using either nail oil or hand cream, then go on to step three. When all has been completed, set aside for some down time for yourself before trying step four!

Your next step should be painting your nails. Seal them off with clear nail polish to provide extra protection from bacteria and liquids.

1) Scrubbing

Scrubbing Incorporating either a nail brush or soap and water, you can scour your nails to eliminate dirt or oil deposits on the base of each nail bed. This is important when trying to maintain healthy nails!

Doing this will give your nails the appearance of being clean, healthy, and shiny. Take extra precaution to thoroughly scrub both the nails and surrounding skin to prevent dirt or oil build-up as well as to avoid ripping off your nail bed.

Nail brushes not only clean nails but can also massage them, stimulating new nail cell growth.


2) Buffing

To buff is to file down the top layer of your nails using a nail file to smooth out any ridges in the nail bed and give a uniform look to your manicured fingertips. Doing this will give an organized appearance and will keep any potential cracks at bay.

Filing your nails is a relatively straightforward and straightforward task that can easily be completed at home, though excessive filing could potentially leave them weak and brittle.

Filing nails should only be performed when they become excessively long and begin to bend or break, or when their length becomes dangerously long for your own health and wellbeing. If this occurs, filing them down to their ideal length immediately can prevent irreparable damage to your nail bed and surrounding tissues.

3) Cutting

As with filing, there is a proper and improper way to cut your nails. For optimal results, place the nail bed directly in the middle of the clippers and cut straight across.

Cutting your nails this way with nail clippers will help ensure they do not break. Although it may be tempting to cut your wet nails immediately after wetting them down, doing so is best left for later.

Wait until they are completely dry to trim your nails as this makes it easier to identify the break. Cutting while they are wet may result in you cutting too much off, potentially leading to broken nails.

One mistake many make when cutting their nails is cutting too much off. Healthy nails will likely grow back quickly; therefore, cutting too much may result in reduced growth rate and therefore loss of skin coverage.

At an ideal length for everyday activities, nails should be kept at an appropriate length to be comfortable to do everyday activities without experiencing discomfort.


4) Applying Nail Oil

Regular application of nail oil will help hydrate both nails and cuticles to make them less likely to breakage and make cutting your nails less necessary.

If your nails are particularly fragile, try applying coconut oil for several hours each day to strengthen them. Coconut oil contains Vitamin E which is an amazing antioxidant and will protect cells against free radical damage caused by free radicals in the environment.

For optimal nail oil application, apply one drop to each nail and cuticle area around each one and massage gently in order to help it absorb. Be wary not to get any on your skin as this could potentially clog pores.

If you don’t own any nail oil, alternative solutions could include hand lotion or cream.

Applying nail oil
Image by Hans from Pixabay

5) Colour-Treated Nails

When coloring your nails, the likelihood of breaking increases considerably. To minimize breakage and protect them from being chipped during removal of colouring agents, try wrapping your nails in a silk or satin scarf for approximately 10 minutes prior to taking it off the nail bed.

Doing this will allow the color to come off more easily and safely, and prevent nails from becoming brittle from color treatments. To aid this process, try applying cuticle oil every night before bed.

Make sure that when taking off your nail polish, use only colour-safe nail polish remover to help safeguard against potential nail damage. This will protect both your nails and yourself!

Wrapping up

If your nails are weak and brittle, follow these steps to strengthen and strengthen them for greater health and strength.

Remind yourself that taking care of your nails is an ongoing process; don’t expect results overnight!

By following these steps on an ongoing basis, your nails will gradually become healthier over time – no celebrity needed!

Just a little effort will get you on your way to creating nails of your dreams.

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