8 Must-Visit Places In Finland To Make The Most Of Your Trip!

Finland is a country of outstanding natural beauty, boasting lush forests, snow-capped mountains, and sparkling lakes. From adventure travel to relaxing getaways and cultural exploration, Finland has something to offer everyone – from its vibrant capital of Helsinki to Lapland’s wilderness areas – here are 8 must-see places in Finland that will ensure you make the most of your visit!

Finland promises unforgettable experiences, from snow-capped hills of Lapland to its gorgeous archipelago scenery. There is something here for every culture enthusiast – traditional Finnish villages to world-renowned Design Museum Helsinki; plus Finland boasts natural splendor like Lake Saimaa with breathtaking views and dramatic Arctic Circle landscapes!

Visit Places In Finland To Make The Most Of Your Trip

1) Helsinki – The Vibrant Capital

Helsinki, the vibrant and modern capital of Finland, boasts an estimated population of 1.5 million residents and features numerous attractions for visitors of all kinds. Museums, art galleries, architectural sights, parks, Helsinki’s archipelago as well as its captivating architecture make the capital an attractive place to spend some time. Be sure not to miss visiting Senate Square or Temppeliaukio Church either – both worth seeing!

Helsinki – The Vibrant Capital

Helsinki is an ideal way to experience Finnish culture. The city hosts music festivals and other events all year long and features plenty of excellent restaurants and cafes; making Helsinki an excellent introduction to Finnish life.

2) Design Museum: World-class attractions

Finland’s Design Museum is an unparalleled attraction in Helsinki. Showcasing an enormous collection of furniture and other design items dating back to the 1950s and 60s, as well as special temporary exhibitions that explore various design topics, this world-class attraction can easily be reached from Helsinki City Central Railway Station with convenient outdoor access and great indoor exhibits making this museum worth a visit year-round.

Design Museum: World-class attractions

Helsinki boasts many fantastic museums worth visiting, such as the National Museum of Finland, Helsinki City Art Museum and Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma. If architecture is what piques your interest then Helsinki offers numerous must-see buildings such as Lutheran Cathedral which features stunning Gothic architecture as well as Parliament House.

3) Lapland – Snow-Covered Hills And Wild Animals

Lapland in Finland’s northern region is a fantastic place to visit in autumn as its leaves begin to change colour. With snow-covered hills and plenty of wildlife such as reindeer and Arctic wolves to see, Lapland offers visitors an unforgettable autumn visit experience – as well as Sami culture such as reindeer sled rides and traditional celebrations such as Juhannus.

Lapland – Snow-Covered Hills and Wild Animals

Visit Sajas Autonomous Village to learn how to create traditional handicrafts and explore Lapland wilderness by car or cruise down River Sajas. In summer months Lapland is also an excellent location for hiking among its many lakes.

4) Lake Saimaa – Breathtaking Views And Wildlife

Lake Saimaa, Europe’s second-largest lake, should be on every visitor’s itinerary in Finland. At the heart of one of Europe’s most biodiverse areas and home to species like salmon and crayfish, Lake Saimaa also provides habitats for many bird species, namely swans and ducks, as well as several islands such as Hoytia which feature traditional Finnish log cabin accommodations.

Lake Saimaa – Breathtaking Views and Wildlife

Lake Saimaa offers stunning scenery that makes for relaxing vacations, with many watersports activities available to try. Every July through September, Lake Saimaa hosts its annual salmon spawning festival – learn all about them while witnessing them spawn! During that time you can also cruise across the lake and visit Saimaa Canal.

5) Turku – A Cultural Hotspot

Turku, Finland’s oldest city and cultural epicenter, offers visitors numerous museums such as the Museum of Architecture, Turku Castle and University of Turku Art Museum. Additionally, there are fantastic architectural sights including medieval fortresses of Turku Castle, medieval cathedral and harbour areas which stand as great architectural showcases.

Turku – A Cultural Hotspot

Turku boasts an exciting music scene and hosts many festivals throughout the year. Winter visitors may especially appreciate visiting its ice bar; visitors can also take a boat tour around Christmas Market lights.

6) Tampere – Finland’s Beautiful Lakeside City

Tampere, Finland’s beautiful lakeside city and one of the oldest theatres in Scandinavia since 1872. You’re sure to discover Finnish culture while in this welcoming lakeside locale. Visit Tampere National Theatre which has been operating continuously since 1872 if you want to learn more!

Tampere – Finland’s Beautiful Lakeside City

Visit Tampere to experience drama, opera and musical performances at the Grand Theatre; explore various museums like the Museum of Art with its impressive collection of paintings, sculptures and photographs; as well as enjoy visiting during winter when Christmas Market illuminates streets with festive decorations!

7) Rovaniemi – The Gateway To The Arctic

Rovaniemi, Finland is the gateway to the Arctic and an ideal wintertime travel destination. Home to the Snow Village Festival – featuring sculptures fashioned out of real snow and ice that you can get inside to experience what life would be like living there – Rovaniemi offers visitors a fantastic wintertime visit experience!

Rovaniemi – The Gateway to the Arctic

Rovaniemi, Finland is an ideal location to witness the Northern Lights and enjoy an adventurous trip, offering snowmobiling, dogsledding and trips to the Arctic Circle – all activities available here!

8) The Finnish Archipelago – Stunning Scenery And Natural Beauty

The Finnish archipelago comprises thousands of islands and makes an amazing place to visit. While you can explore it year-round, autumn offers its best foliage display while temperatures remain mild – this makes boat or ferry travel easy from cities such as Helsinki and Turku to get you out to these stunning locales!

Visit Places In Finland To Make The Most Of Your Trip
The Finnish Archipelago – Stunning Scenery and Natural Beauty image credit

There are various places to stay, from traditional wooden cabins and hotels, to more modern hotels. While you can visit any time of year, make sure that what you plan on doing while visiting is suited to what time of year and activity type – some islands offer opportunities for exploration on foot while others may offer the perfect chance to unwind and soak up scenery.

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Finland offers many places worth seeing. From exploring Helsinki to experiencing Lapland wilderness, Finland has something for everyone. Visit its stunning archipelago or travel north for Northern Lights viewing in Rovaniemi; or enjoy city of Helsinki or lakeside city Tampere for its vibrant culture or simply admire stunning Finnish archipelago scenery – Finland truly offers something memorable for every traveler and holidaymaker alike.