Manicure : 8 Best Ways To Give Yourself A Manicure At Home

Living alone makes it harder to go get your nails done at a salon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy salon-worthy hands. There are numerous techniques for giving yourself a manicure at home that won’t look cheap imitation of something else; with enough supplies and time investment, almost anyone can give themselves one themselves at home.

No salon visit necessary! Learning to give yourself an amazing manicure without spending lots of money or time is achievable with practice and patience. From selecting the most appropriate tools and products for you and learning proper prep techniques before applying polish or artificial tips – here are 5 easy tips on giving yourself an at-home manicure:


1) Add Protective Coatings To Your Nails

One of the most essential steps you can take for your manicure is adding a protective coating to your nails, such as with UV-cured polish (known as “gel-like”) that works similarly to regular polish but provides protection from chipping, peeling and cracking.

UV-cured nail polish can also help people who suffer from brittle nails that break easily as it lasts up to three weeks longer compared to regular polish, while normal nail polish may chip off within days or even hours of application. Although its cost may be more, UV-cured polish may still be worth your while as its longer wearability makes up for its higher upfront price tag compared to its counterparts.

2)File And Shape Your Nails

Before applying any polish, it is necessary to shape and file your nails to remove any jagged edges. For best results, start with clean and dry nails free from oils or residue from previous polishes; using nail clippers and files are an ideal combination for this step.

Nail clippers can help shorten nails that are too long, while nail files will smooth away any jagged edges on your nails. When filing, make sure to file with the grain of the nail – otherwise, this could damage it or cause an unprofessional-looking manicure! Once your nails are clean and smooth, it is time for the next step.

3) Choose The Right Colors For Your Manicure

As soon as your manicure design is finalized, the next step should be choosing colors for it. When selecting colors for a manicure, remember that there are different tones of every hue; photos of celebrities may help when looking for colors to wear on their nails or clothing you regularly wear can provide inspiration. Most people tend to favor warm hues for manicures; warm tones tend to match human skin tones more effectively than cool tones such as blue purple and green hues; however you don’t have to choose either warm or cool shades–use a combination of both! If unsure which to go for then use both.

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4) Dry Your Nails Properly Before Applying Polish

To ensure your manicure lasts as long as possible, it’s essential that your nails are completely dry prior to applying polish. A soft, lint-free towel should be used to pat the nail surfaces dry – for best results use a new towel each time or keep one dedicated solely to nail drying! To minimize leaving behind unwanted residue on your nails use either one dedicated solely to this task like the ones available here at

Prior to applying polish, it’s also crucial that your nails are completely dry. Even the slightest hint of moisture could thwart the adhesion process for polish application; otherwise, your manicure could end in disaster before you even begin! If your nails are not fully dried before beginning a manicure session, chances are it could turn disastrous quickly!

5) Apply A Base Coat Of Polish

Once your nails are dry, it’s time to begin applying polish. First step should be applying a base coat – which serves two functions. First it helps hydrate and seal in moisture for stronger nails that don’t crack or break; secondly it extends the color’s longevity – many neglect using base coat when doing their nails, which shortens its life span significantly.

6) Apply Your Chosen Color (S) Of Polish

Once your base coat of polish has dried, it’s time to apply your chosen color! Apply from the center outward. Once this first layer of polish dries completely, if it appears too sheer or isn’t bold enough for you, a second application may be necessary if a first one was insufficient.


Nails are an integral part of beauty, so even if they never make an appearance it’s essential that you care for them. Do you take great pride in having beautifully manicured nails? If so then that should make you proud; after all you worked hard at it. Also keep in mind that nails serve more than aesthetic purposes – they also play a functional role.