6 Makeup Trends You’ll Love

Makeup Trends You’ll Adore:- Summer is an excellent time to experiment with fun and flirty new looks that add some zest and spice up your look.

Summer brings with it bright colors, prints and tropical vibes – perfect elements to incorporate into your makeup look!

These flirtatious trends are perfect for keeping things light-hearted this summer! Below we will outline some of the latest summer makeup trends that will have you feeling hot in no time!

Makeup Trends You’ll Love

1) Metallic Shadows

Makeup Trends You’ll Adore Let’s kick things off right with metallic shadows – an icon in beauty for some time now, sure to remain popular and trendy for many more years to come.

Metallics offer the perfect sparkle and glisten for creating both dramatic looks or more subdued daytime ones. Choose from gold, copper, silver or pewter hues – there is sure to be one perfect for you.

Metallics can add depth and drama to a look, and are ideal for night-out events. To achieve a softer daytime look, apply a light shimmery shade in the center of your eyelids for added dimension.

If you want a bolder look, try applying dark metallic hues to your lids. There are metallics available in powder form as well as liquid shadow and pencil form; so finding just the right metallics shouldn’t be an issue!

Make sure that you apply metallic shadow with either a brush or your finger for maximum impact and beauty.

Metallic Shadows
Metallic Shadows

2) Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes have become one of the top makeup trends of recent years and look set to remain as popular this year.

Geometric patterns and geometrics shapes offer plenty of ways to add a dash of daring flair to their makeup look.

When applying a geometric shape, there are several options for application. Either an eye pencil can be used for sketching purposes, or an eyeliner may give a stronger and more intense appearance.

For those wanting a subtler geometric shape, an eye pencil is an excellent way to achieve that effect.

Choose from an assortment of geometric shapes like diamonds, triangles and squiggles. Apply your geometric designs either on your eyelids or under them – either way they make for great eye makeup!

3) Colour Blocked Eyes

Colour Blocked Eyes For those who prefer less dramatic looks, colour blocked eyes offer an elegant yet subdued option that’s ideal for summer events or work functions. Colour blocked eyes add dimension while remaining subtle.

Colour blocking uses various shades of the same hue to form an uninterrupted gradient or ombre effect.

If you prefer more intense color blocking looks, such as red or blue for your entire eye look.

If you prefer an understated color-blocked look, try mixing several hues together for your outfit.

When creating a color blocked shade, there are various options for applying it. From using multiple eye shadows or even eyeliners together to achieve the look, all will do.

Colour Blocked Eyes
Colour Blocked Eyes

4) Bold & Bright Brows

Colour Blocked Eyes Bold and Bright Brows Bold and bright eyebrows continue to be an in-vogue look and are ideal for those looking for an eye-catching statement piece that stands out. Perfect for those who dare to stand out, these bright eyebrows can add the right amount of flair when worn boldly against a more subdued aesthetic.

Choose a soft tone such as light brown or soft pink for more subdued appeal, or go bold with purple or blue hues for more dramatic style.

If you want a bolder brow look, either use a pencil, gel, or mascara to achieve this look.

Add highlights to your brows to make them even more noticeable, or for an understated approach, use a pencil or gel with lighter hues for more subtle looks.

5) Summer-Friendly Blonde Hair

Summer blonde hair trends offer the ideal way to brighten up their look, from light copper hues to platinum blonde shades. You have your pick!

Blondes can provide a natural yet effortless look. If you want something more dramatic, add some color. Blondes come in various products so there should be something perfect for you!

Sprays, box dyes and even henna can all be used to give blonde hair its signature hue, though there may also be semi-permanent options such as dye cream. When it comes to applying this shade to your locks, there are various applications you can try: dye or cream dyeing are two viable choices that could work.

Use temporary dye such as hair chalk or spray for an even bolder effect.

Summer-Friendly Blonde Hair
Photo by davisuko on Unsplash

6) Neon Skin Looks

Neon skin trends are an ideal way to stand out from the crowd. These looks emphasize bold, dramatic statements while adding as much colour as possible into one look.

Gel is one of the best products to use to achieve dramatic and intense looks.

With the use of gel products, you can achieve various looks; from more dramatic eyebrow color to creating bolder lip hues.

If you prefer more subtle looks, try applying lighter hues directly to your skin or use products such as highlighters that add subtler hues without being as intense.


Summer is an ideal opportunity to shake up your look and explore some playful, new looks.

Summer conjures images of bright colours, prints and tropical vibes – ideal elements to inspire your makeup look!

These playful trends are an excellent way to keep things light while remaining cool this summer.

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