Best 4 Makeup Tips For Travelling What To Bring

Beauty is an integral component of life; when traveling it becomes even more so. Here are some helpful makeup tips for travelling that can make sure that beauty remains part of your experience.

Packing your makeup bag can be challenging whether traveling for business or pleasure, making a difficult experience even worse.

Avoid overloading your suitcase and potentially forgetting something important at home by following these helpful guidelines for packing light.

There are various strategies you can employ when packing your beauty routine for travel in a way that keeps everything straightforward and organized.

Understanding what items to bring and which ones not is key. For instance, certain powders can be difficult to transport due to being easily broken up during shipping, and certain liquids might leak or spill during their journey.

Liquids must be packed in containers approved by TSA; additionally, certain products might not work as intended in humid or hot temperatures.

Makeup Tips For Travelling

1) Foundation And Concealer

If you use foundation, travel-sized bottles may be best. Choose between liquid or powder foundation and bring either of them with.

If concealer is part of your travel routine, be sure to pack a small container of it. Also remember that bottles with travel-friendly caps should be preferred.

If you use liquid or powdered concealer, consider packing a small reusable makeup sponge to help blend and distribute the product more evenly.

Bring along a small makeup brush if you frequently use powder makeup.

 Foundation and Concealer
Foundation and Concealer

2) Bronzer And Highlighter

If you use bronzer or highlighter, bring along suitable containers in your travel bag.

Search for small containers that fit easily into your makeup bag, or invest in travel-friendly palettes.

These palettes typically include small compartments to easily store products. If you plan on wearing bronzer or highlighter, bring along a small makeup brush so as to apply your products more precisely.

Consider also bringing along a small sponge to help blend products.

Bronzer and Highlighter
Bronzer and Highlighter

3) Eye Shadow And Eyebrow Travel Kit

If you wear eye shadow and wish to bring some with you when traveling, a travel-sized palette may be more convenient than an eye shadow palette contained within a small container.

If you wear eye makeup daily, bringing an eyebrow stencil may come in handy when traveling since mirrors may not always be available to you.

Bring along an eyebrow comb or brush to keep your brows in check.

4) Mascara And Lip Makeup

Mascara and Lip Makeup If you wear mascara, it is wise to include a small bottle in your makeup bag with a travel-friendly cap for ease of packing and use.

If you regularly wear lip makeup or lipstick, bringing along a mini lip balm could come in handy. Select something small and portable as this will make for easier transportation.

If you wear lip liner or lipstick, bringing along a small makeup brush or lip brush may help when applying it. Mini tubes of lip liner or lipstick may also come in handy – this way you won’t risk leaving anything behind!

Mascara and Lip Makeup
Photo by Hitesh Dewasi on Unsplash


Packing for travel can be tricky. To stay ahead of this situation, the key is packing light while not forgetting beauty essentials such as makeup bottles with travel-friendly caps or travel-sized versions of your favourite beauty products. Most importantly, bring along a smile and enjoy your journey!

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