Gardening: 6 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Own Garden

Are You Starting a Garden? : Are You Beginning Your Garden? Here Are Six Mistakes to Avoid Before Beginning: Gardening is challenging and takes both patience and determination for success, yet doesn’t need to be overwhelming; with some research and preparation anyone can create their own beautiful oasis in their yard. Unfortunately not everyone finds success right away when beginning gardening; many make avoidable errors that could have been avoided with some knowledge beforehand.

1) Stay Away From Seeds With Gmo’s

6 Mistakes to Avoid

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) can be highly controversial. Many people avoid buying seeds with GMOs due to health concerns associated with them, so when purchasing seeds for your garden make sure that you read labels to avoid accidentally purchasing GMO seeds. When buying from local shops or gardening stores they should inform you whether their seeds contain GMOs; though finding organic non-GMO seeds may be more difficult but is certainly achievable.

2) Don’t Use Weed Killer

6 Mistakes to Avoid

No one likes dealing with weeds, yet many gardeners make the mistake of using weed killer when starting a new garden. Weed killer can be harmful both to your plants and soil as well as having adverse environmental consequences. Instead, opt for manual removal when the soil remains damp after watering, or purchase mulch to help prevent new weeds from popping up in your plot.

3) Don’t Forget To Water

6 Mistakes to Avoid

One of the most frequent mistakes new gardeners make is forgetting to water their plants regularly. A reminder can help ensure you remember, while using a timer can ensure all plants receive enough hydration. If your garden begins wilting quickly, act quickly; waiting too long can result in plant death!

4) Don’t Use Too Much Fertilizer

6 Mistakes to Avoid

New gardeners often make the mistake of over-fertilizing their plants with too much fertilizer, leading to too much growth which may damage plants and kill beneficial organisms such as earthworms. When purchasing fertilizer for your garden it is recommended that it contains low nitrogen levels.

5) Don’t Transplant Too Early

6 Mistakes to Avoid

Many new gardeners make the mistake of transplanting their plants too soon, which could result in their demise. Transplanting involves moving them from one pot to the next; for optimal results, wait until your plant has at least two sets of leaves before transplanting it. Transplanting too soon could kill it, or cause it to delay flowering or fruiting later down the line; there may be exceptions though if starting your garden in warmer regions during summer; otherwise wait a bit longer in cooler regions before transplanting your plants.

6) Summing Up

6 Mistakes to Avoid

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Starting a garden can be an excellent way to produce food, save money and become more self-reliant. But before embarking on your endeavor, there are a few important details you must keep in mind before getting started: avoid GMO seeds, avoid using weed killer, don’t forget watering regularly enough, don’t use too much fertilizer and don’t transplant too soon. With just some research and planning you can ensure success for any new gardener!

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