5 How To Find Your Beauty Simple Steps

Discover Your Beauty Step by Step:- Step one in finding beauty is becoming aware of yourself and taking time to examine your natural tendencies; doing this can lead to better shopping decisions. So how?

Long term, this will save money as you won’t impulsively purchase pieces that don’t reflect your natural aesthetic. Instead, opt for investing in pieces that perfectly compliment it!

Know exactly what to search for when selecting style indicators for yourself.

As there are multiple ways of describing our attitudes about clothing, beauty and self-image, there are also multiple systems designed to assist us in discovering which fashion identities best suit us.

There is a vast variety of styles on Earth; here are five effective strategies for finding yours.

Find Your Beauty Simple Steps

Know Your Basics

Before diving deeper into more specialized aspects of beauty style, it’s essential to master the fundamentals.

Take an inventory of your body type, your coloring and fabrics you favor for clothing. What parts of your body do you especially appreciate?

What items don’t resonate? Understanding these essentials will allow you to make more informed choices when selecting items for your wardrobe and enhance your confidence levels.

Simply being comfortable in your own skin is key to being beautiful; if you need help getting started, take an online quiz for inspiration!

Quizzes can be immensely useful, particularly when starting out. While online quizzes shouldn’t serve as a replacement for professional clothing advice, they’re an effective starting point.

1) Identify Your Favorite Colors

Colors play an integral role in our everyday lives and beauty styles alike. Determining your favorite hues can provide valuable insight into who you are as an individual and help shape the foundation for further conversations about who we really are.

If you need help getting started, grab a piece of paper and make a list of things you enjoy doing, from food to clothes – anything could offer clues as to your favorite hues!

If you’re still having difficulty, check out websites that help identify your favorite colors based on images you find appealing.

Once you know which colors you appreciate most, consider ways they can become part of your everyday life.

Simply adding more blue tops or green-based beauty products will allow you to discover even more about yourself and your personal style. As soon as your favorite hues enter into your daily life, they will help reveal even more insight into who you are as an individual.

Identify Your Favorite Colors
Identify Your Favorite Colors

2) Find Your Fashion Staples

Everyone has some go-to pieces in their closet that they rely on most frequently, if you are having difficulty identifying these, start taking closer note.

Pay attention when dressing each morning. Note which pieces you reach for first.

If you find that you reach for the same blue scarf each day, this could be your go-to item.

Understanding your fashion staples doesn’t require an in-depth knowledge of everything in your closet; rather, look out for patterns as you gain more familiarity with your wardrobe.

 Find Your Fashion Staples
Find Your Fashion Staples

3) Try New Things

Once you’ve gained some understanding about your own beauty style, experiment by trying something new.

If you find yourself shopping only in one section or wearing certain colors, broaden your horizons by trying different things and discovering your personal style more quickly. By trying new things and being open-minded to different ideas, finding what makes sense will become simpler than ever.

Remember, this process is about discovering who you truly are; don’t be afraid to experiment and see what feels right for you. If a piece of clothing or makeup shade does not sit comfortably within your lifestyle, don’t force it into place.

4) Find Your Signature Colors

What colors have you been drawn to over time? Do there appear to be certain hues that you keep returning to?

While you’re shopping, it may be helpful to keep track of which colors you tend to gravitate toward.

Your signature colors could be those that keep appearing, reminding us which hues work well on you. What colors look good on you?

Finding your signature colors may require two steps. First, pay attention to what colors draw you in; secondly, figure out which hues flatter you best and pick those.

Step One will help you identify whether or not your style has its own signature color palette, as well as discover any specific hues that stand out. Is there an overarching palette or theme behind your choices?

Identify your signature colors if there’s already one in your wardrobe; chances are, there could be a color story behind your look. A color story serves as the narrative behind each of your outfits.

 Find Your Signature Colors
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

5 ) Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Things Up

As you go about your daily life, you are likely to come across others with similar aesthetics – something which should not be seen as negative! On the contrary, sharing aesthetic preferences among other individuals is something which should be encouraged.

Learning more about other people’s styles can be extremely helpful. Once you have identified your personal beauty style, use it to identify other people’s as well.

This can help you build stronger friendships, secure better shopping partners, and receive valuable career advice.

Remember, no two individuals are exactly alike and that this diversity should be celebrated!

If you ever feel uncertain of your style, finding other people who share similar traits could help provide clarity as to where your particular tastes originate from. This way you can better comprehend where they may have come from.


Discovering your personal beauty style should be enjoyable and satisfying. Just don’t forget that experimentation will lead to results!

No need to choose only one style, instead you can take elements from multiple approaches and combine their best qualities for your own signature style.

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