5 Simple Eyeshadow Techniques To Get Beautiful

Eyeshadow Techniques to Look Beautiful:- Eye makeup is an integral component of looking your best, and girls want to achieve this by applying eye shadow techniques that can enhance their natural features and help make them more beautiful.

Every woman wants to look their best, and eyeshadow can help them do just that. Eyeshadow is one of the easiest and quickest ways to enhance your eyes without spending hours perfecting their look.

Even if you aren’t experienced at applying eyeshadow, there are still a few simple tricks anyone can try that will instantly enhance their beauty and make them appear stunningly gorgeous.

Eye makeup may seem intimidating for some girls, which is why we’ve put together these easy-to-follow guidelines on how to achieve beautiful eyes using different techniques.

Eye makeup techniques vary widely; here we present several simple ones you can quickly master and start applying immediately. Let’s get going!

Eyeshadow Techniques To Get Beautiful

1) Blending

Blending is the first step of eye makeup application and one of the simplest techniques available. Yet its importance cannot be overstated for an attractive eyeshadow look if done incorrectly, as otherwise harsh lines of color may emerge and ruin its effect.

Blending is simple: just use an eyeshadow brush to gradually move color from your inner corner towards the middle, using gentle strokes from an eyeshadow brush.

Blending eyeshadow shades together will soften their edges and soften any harsh edges, and help soften their overall effect. If you are mixing different eyeshadow hues together, be careful that none are overshadowing each other!

Keep the brush from being drawn back into the corner of your eye – instead, move it softly toward your eyebrow.


2) Darkening The Outer Corners

One of the easiest and fastest ways to instantly make your eyes look more beautiful is simply applying some darker shadow at the corners of your eyes.

Make your eyes appear larger by applying darker eyeshadow in an inconspicuous manner to highlight them and emphasize them. Use eyeshadow containing pigment from other sources rather than directly on your eyelids for best results.

Use a brush to lightly apply darker hues at the corner of your eye using black as your preferred choice; dark brown may also work well.

Blending eyeshadow on the corners is another option, though this will make your eyes appear smaller.

3) Shimmering Eyeshadow

Shimmering eyeshadow can instantly enlarge your eyes, so make sure that the shimmer stays on your eyelids instead of making an unsightly sparkle in direct sunlight.

But you still want to look stunning indoors. Shimmering eyeshadow can often have more shimmer than regular eyeshadow, so be wary when using it. As an initial step, use matte eyeshadow instead.

Choose an eyeshadow with shimmer that does not appear too shiny; bright shimmery colors can make your eyes appear smaller.

When applying shimmering eyeshadow, be mindful not to apply too much. For optimal results, shimmering eyeshadow should only be used on the upper eyelid. To soften its effect further, blend shimmering eyeshadow with regular eyeshadow for an alluring and balanced look.

Darkening the outer corners
Darkening the outer corners

4) Smudge Eyeliner

Eyeliner can be used for many different looks, and one of the easiest is smudge eyeliner. To try this technique, grab an eyeshadow shade a bit lighter than that of your eyeliner color and begin.

After this step is complete, use eyeliner as usual to line your upper eyelid with eyeliner but smudge it using a brush (you could also use your fingers, but the brush would make for easier application).

After applying your eyeliner, use cotton swabs or your fingertips to gently wipe them on tissue to clean them and simultaneously clear away debris around your eyelid edges.

 Smudge eyeliner
Smudge eyeliner

5) Phooked-Brush Eyeliner

Smudge eyeliner can be challenging. For something more advanced than just smudging your eyeliner on, why not give hooked-brush eyeliner a try? This technique uses liquid eyeliner but instead of using your finger, the hooked-brush eyeliner technique employs a brush.

Not as difficult as you may think, but having a brush with long and thin handles is crucial for this technique.

As with liquid eyeliner, applying gel eyeliner requires placing it as close to the base of your lashes as possible with the brush application and maintaining an even hand with each stroke.


Eye makeup can be an easy way to enhance your natural beauty, and requires neither an excessive amount of products nor time investment in order to produce gorgeous looks.

Your eye color, your brush type and product choice as well as application techniques can all play an integral part in finding your ideal shade.

To achieve stunning eyes, it’s essential that you select the appropriate shades and techniques according to your skin tone, eye color and features. With the tips from this article in hand, your efforts will surely bear fruit!

By applying these techniques, you can craft exquisite eye makeup for any special event or celebration.

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