5 Trends Makeup You’ll Love For Round Faces

Makeup You’ll Adore For Round Faces:- In the world of beauty, trends come and go quickly – sometimes making it difficult to keep up. However, makeup you love for round faces may remain timeless.

As long as there are new products and techniques being released regularly, we welcome this change with open arms! When something catches our eye as an obvious trend, we love being the first ones on board to follow it!

Lightbulbs go off in our heads when we realize exactly how to update our look in an impactful and timeless manner.

If you enjoy exploring your look and taking risks when it comes to beauty routine, these 7 trends for 2018 are sure to delight. From bold brows to pastel lips – there is something exciting waiting for you here! Keep reading and get to know these seven styles.

Makeup You’ll Love For Round Faces

Makeup For Round Faces

Finding makeup that complements a round facial structure can be a real struggle.

Many products will highlight the roundness of your face by drawing attention to it in unfavorable ways, but there are ways of wearing makeup more successfully. Here are a few tricks for wearing makeup more successfully.

If you have a round face shape, start by emphasizing your eyes. Select eyeliner and eyeshadow colors that draw attention away from other parts of your face by drawing emphasis to just your eyes. This will slim your face down instantly!

If you have a round face, false eyelashes may help give the appearance of longer and narrower lashes.

Finally, those with round faces should avoid blush altogether. It may be beneficial for their complexion to avoid adding it as an addition.

1) Daring Eyebrows

For those just entering the world of bold eyebrows, it may be intimidating knowing where to begin. If your brows were always thin before, this may be especially challenging.

Once you master how to shape and choose a hue that make your eyebrows stand out, it will change everything! Once you know how to go about shaping and coloring them for maximum impact, there will never be another time that they become neglected!

If your eyebrows have naturally thin arcs, try filling them in using a pencil or powder that complements the color of your hair.

Thicker eyebrows will appear natural without seeming obvious; even thick eyebrows may still benefit from this trend.

Brow gels and pomades offer a dynamic way to give your brows a striking, modern aesthetic that’s right on trend right now.

Daring Eyebrows
Daring Eyebrows

2) Metallic Eyeshadow

Metallic eyeshadow is the go-to option for dramatic eye makeup looks that require complex yet easy to accomplish looks.

For an effortless yet appropriate look that works in any situation, try applying dark brown or black eyeshadow directly onto your eyelid and blending it into the crease.

Once your eyes have been highlighted with makeup, add an accent of light silver or gold eyeshadow on the outer corners to give them some dimension and give the whole look some vibrancy.

If you want to amp up the drama even more, add eyeliner and fake eyelashes for added drama.

3) Rainbow-Colored Hair

Rainbow-Colored Hair For an unforgettable statement with your hair, why not dye it a vibrant shade like blue, purple or even green. This bold move will surely turn heads and draw admiration.

Hair dye kits make these colors even easier than ever to achieve at home, giving you peace of mind about taking on such a task alone. If you feel intimidated about dying your own locks at home, take comfort knowing there is help available if it becomes necessary.

Rose gold hair and ombre are great alternatives when looking to test out the rainbow hair trend without going all-out.

 Rainbow-Colored Hair
Rainbow-Colored Hair

4) Liquid Lipstick

But now there’s an innovative new trend that offers the best of both worlds: liquid lipstick. Liquid lipstick provides both pigmentation and staying power – something traditional lipstick cannot provide.

You get bold, long-wearing color with the easy application you expect from glosses – something any bold lip fan should explore! For bold lip colors enthusiasts, this trend should not be missed.

Your lips will love how this method looks and feels! You’re sure to adore how beautifully vibrant they look and feel!

5) Festive Facials

With only one holiday season each year, now is an excellent time to give yourself an overall makeover! Don’t limit yourself to just hair and nails: think festive facials as well!

Make this holiday season even more celebratory by giving your face festive accents! Achieve this by creating a festive facial. All it requires are some essential ingredients like egg yolk, honey and lemon juice.

With these ingredients, you can craft a facial that will cleanse and rejuvenate your skin. By including baking soda in the mix, you can further exfoliate for improved results and leave your complexion looking amazing!


These are just a few of the makeup trends to look out for this year.

Now is an excellent time to try something different, with so many new products and techniques now available.

If you enjoy keeping up with the latest beauty trends, 2018 promises to be an exciting year. By staying alert and aware, you will know when each great trend reaches its pinnacle and start trying them as soon as they take hold.

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